Yesterday was laundry day and I was feeling a bit dirty.  I just wanted everything to be clean.  I just got so into it, I decided to have the clothes I am wearing laundered as well.  So I hastily stripped them off and stood there during the rinse cycle.  My girlfriend was goofing around and happily took my photos.  I was trying to be funny, but according to her I looked sizzlin’!  What do you think, am I too sexy to pass off as funny?  Or is it I’m trying too hard?  If you want to see more of what happened during Laundry Day, check out

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I decided to just throw caution in the wind and go all out in this photo shoot.  Apparently, things had gotten so hot during the shoot that it led up to my little ol’ nudity. Don’t you just love my photo here?  Does it make you hot all over?  Because thinking of you getting it on with me is making me hot too.  If you think you can stnad more of me in my birthday suit, hop on over there by just clicking my photo.  I want to make it alright for you.  I know you want me to. 

During photo shoots, I can be a real badass when I get into the moment.  My photographer, Freddie really motivated to be in character.  The character being a cute sexy little slut and he taking photographs of me completely naked!  This photo session got me so hot, I had to excuse myself and drink cold water!  Cold frigging water, isn’t that hilarious? Now, was too over the top for you?  I hope not because if you want to see more, you only need to click the photo.  Why don’t you go visit me there and be one of the many amateur gynecologists in my life?